New Aloe Juices


Sugar Free, with 30% Aloe

A range of ultra high quality products that makes all the difference with their Sugar Free taste. Contains 30% pieces of organic Greek Aloe, vegan friendly. 7 superb tastes, all produced in Greece. Without preservatives, artificial aromas or colors, and gluten free. The natural difference in our popular aloe juice range!

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New Aloe Juices

Sugar Free


With 30% Aloe

New Aloe Juice with Banana flavor 500ml

New Aloe Juice with Watermelon flavour 500ml

Aloe Juice with Banana flavour 500ml

Aloe Juice with Strawberry flavour 500ml

Aloe Juice with Pomegranate flavour 500ml

Aloe juice with Mango flavor 500ml

Aloe juice with Natural flavor 500ml